Thursday, March 10, 2011

Innova Global a Motorola Passive Optical lan Solution Provider

AMT announces that Innova Global technology Inc.  (Innova), an Orange County California -based advanced information and communications technology and cloud solution provider, has been selected to participate in AMT's value-added reseller program.
The program will enable Innova , an enterprise-structured cabling provider, to offer the Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution from Motorola Mobility, Inc., a subsidiary of Motorola Inc., to businesses in the United States.
Innova Global Technology deploys what makes communications work nationwide. Innova provides high quality single source design, installation, deployment and maintenance of network wiring, communication networks cabling for Voice, data, Video, Audio, Passive Optical Lan and cloud computing systems, locally and nationwide.
As an Motorola authorized solution partner, Innova will be providing POL technology and associated design, deployment and support capabilities, offering customers an innovative and cost-effective and greener alternative to the traditional cabling and LAN networks deployed today, the company said.

Technology has began a transformation into the new age with passive optical lan ( passive optical network ) . Now you can take your business into the green zone by taking advantage of this modern updated way of replacing the old copper wires ( Cat3,Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 ) with modern fiber optics and save over 40% in CapEx and OpEx. Among the industry of upgrades. ( tax advantages )

Innovaglobal Advanced Technology Deployment stands tall as a big part of this new modern conversion into the eco-friendly green era. Innova is an industry leader and collaborates and works with Motorola in the capacity of a solution partner .
As things move so fast that the world cannot keep up with the changing technology, POL makes a progressive attempt at reducing power consumption. First you need to understand this is the most green initiative around. POLwill save in customers energy costs providing a very important money saving method for any business. While the cost of power is saved on a day to day basis, there will be a longer lasting effect for the longevity of customers equipment. In respect to fiber optics the POL will bring about nearly five times more life that once existed with the old infrastructure copper.

Innova experienced consultant with hands on experience are available to conduct free and on site infrastructure site surveys to accurately assess the layout and conditions impacting the environment. Critical data gathered in the site survey will be incorporated into the final floor plan and infrastructure design plan and a complete Total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis that quantifies the advantages of POL over the tiered switched Ethernet and present mode of operation (PMO). We are proud to offer our free site surveys anywhere in the USA, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Innova offers free site survey , need assessment and consultation. Contact Us Now !

By David Khorram

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